2014 New American Home

Built as the “2014 New American Home”, this home served as the showcase piece for the most innovative trends in architecture, interior design, and building science. The project’s architect, Jeff Berkus, and designer, Marc Thee, set out to create a modern home that would be energy efficient, luxurious, warm, and inviting. Keeping that tall order in mind, the team considered how families will be using their homes in the future, which led them to integrate flexible and multigenerational-use spaces into the plan. With a nod to the spectacular views afforded by the home’s hillside site, they sought ways to blur the line between indoors and out. Element Design Build looked to industry suppliers that could provide the latest technology and products to help his crew meet the criteria for LEED and Energy Star certifications. The result of all their efforts is a home that’s everything the team hoped it would be.